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64% of Serbians polled vote for Monarchy over Republic

Michael Roberts - 09.05.2011

Serbian citizens are clearly supporting switching from a Republic to a Constitutional Monarchy based on a recent poll shown by popular Serbian newspaper Blic. An outstanding 64% chose Monarchy over Republic. The question was simple… What do you support, Republic or Monarchy and the results very revealing.

“Monarchy supporters are claiming that the Monarchy has a greater support, among the people, more than we know, think, speak or write in public. Writer Dušan Kovačević, who is a member of the Crown Council in Belgrade, said in a statement to "Flash”  that despite this, there is no political party that could articulate with people’s opinion towards Monarchy.”

One of the biggest voices for Constitutional Monarchy in Serbia is the Association of the Kingdom of Serbia with tens and thousands of members and over 50 communities throughout Serbia. The Association is spreading the word, of the benefits of Constitutional Monarchy in Serbia, through a grass root campaign. The efforts include donating their time for humanitarian causes. their website states that "A Constitutional Monarchy is the only real solution and a safe path for the salvation of Serbia and is based equally on the past and the future."  They are asking for Serbians all over the world to sign up to the Association to bring Constitutional Monarchy in Serbia.

The head of the Royal Family in Serbia is the well-known and well respected, Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia. He was recently interviewed on many television stations worldwide during Their Royal Highnesses attendance at the Royal Wedding of Prince William. Crown Prince Alexander is the first godson of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

“Our Crown Prince has brought much luck and good fortune to Serbia. Through his efforts in bringing investors in the country and more importantly spreading the word about our beautiful country worldwide, Serbia has benefited tremendously. His wife, Crown Princess Katherine, has saved thousands of lives in the country and has improved the overall health. This is what Serbia needs the most- a true father and mother of our country” says Zorica, a young resident of Belgrade.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander has always been a very ardent defender of democracy and human rights. In 1989, he took a very active role in helping his people shake off the legacy of decades of dictatorship and the regime. During the next decade the Crown Prince Alexander conducted numerous meetings and maintained constant contact with the democratic opposition and democrats throughout the former Yugoslavia. In November 1999, Crown Prince Alexander convened a large conference in Budapest for the representatives of the Democratic Opposition in Serbia.

Another symposium followed in Bosnia in January 2000 and in April 2000 the Crown Prince convened a large conference of key opposition leaders in Athens. Following the Athens conference the Crown Prince and leaders of the opposition went to a symposium at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. These meetings led to the successful election victory of Serbia’s democratic opposition in September of that year. Crown Prince Alexander has been a tireless contributor in the process of co-operation and unity amongst the democratic political parties to make his homeland a great democracy for all citizens regardless of political belief, religion or ethnic origin.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess ( ) are currently in New York for the Prince’s Ball charity for which the funds will contribute directly to mothers and children’s welfare in Serbia.


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Diego dijo...

La restauración de la monarquía en Serbia sería un magnífico hecho tanto para Serbia, como para los Balcanes, como para las monarquías de Europa oriental que esperan ser restauradas. La reimplantación del trono de Serbia, una de las monarquías en el exilio más activas en sus planes de restauración, sería una buena manera de mostrar a otros países vecinos la estabilidad que proporciona la monarquía constitucional. Quizá incluso se pudiera así lograr el regreso del zar a Rusia. De un modo o de otro, la noticia de esta encuesta es muy importante y alentadora de lo que podría ser un gran y estable futuro para el pueblo serbio. Ojalá que así sea.